The Base uses the power and passion of sports to transform the lives of urban youth by providing opportunity, education, training and encouragement to reach their fullest potential.

The Stats

Black children are 3X as likely as white children to be born into poverty.
Black and Latino children are 2x as likely to drop out of school.
The high school graduation rates for black and Latino students is 55% and 51% respectively.
The college graduation rates for black and Latino students is 19% and 14% respectively.
The unemployment rates for black and Latino 16-24 year olds is 37% and 27% respectively.


"The BASE is teaching urban kids to win."
– Alan Khazei
"Every child deserves to be safe, educated, healthy and warm."
– Robert Lewis Jr.
"The secret sauce is the culture. These kids feel loved, like they belong."
– Alan Lewis
Each player earns their spot with grit, resilience and sheer determination.


2013 18U Triple Crown Sports US Baseball Championship
2013 Triple Crown Sports Woodbat Championship
2013 16U Lou Tompkins All Star State Championship
2012 Triple Crown Sports Team of the Year (40,000 participating teams)
16 of 17 graduating seniors in class of 2013 went on to attend college, 17th attends YearUp
Every student athlete will receive complimentary annual physical in 2014
The BASE helped 6 high school dropouts re-engage and earn GED
Learn more about the Boston AstrosThe Boston Astros are winners of the 2013 Triple Crown Sports US Baseball Championship and the 2012 Triple Crown Sports “Team of the Year”, selected from a field of 40,000.