Batter Up: Paul & Theo Epstein, Foundation To Be Named Later

Twin brothers Paul and Theo Epstein launched the Foundation To Be Named Later in 2005. Paul is a Brookline High School social worker. Theo won two World Series titles with the Red Sox and, as president of baseball operations, helped bring the Chicago Cubs a 2016 world championship.

Their foundation has been a loyal BASE supporter since its inception. In Chicago, where a BASE facility is set to open in 2018, the Epstein brothers spoke about how The BASE model and its unique methodology align with their foundation’s goals.

Paul Epstein:

Our foundation has a very simple mission: to raise funds and awareness for nonprofit organizations working with disadvantaged youths. It’s a simple operation. Raise the money and give it away to organizations that have a proven model of effectiveness in changing these kids’ lives.

Theo and I have been to BASE headquarters in Roxbury and seen the life-changing things that go on there. Baseball is the hook, but it’s not about baseball. It’s about what Robert and his team have created in terms of life-changing interventions. College readiness. Life skills. Access to mentors.

You can go to The BASE on a Saturday afternoon, and you might see the Governor of Massachusetts talking to kids. Or a Red Sox player, like Jackie Bradley Jr. Or a corporate executive talking about internships and college majors. You’ll definitely see kids cramming for the SAT exams before taking batting practice. That’s the secret sauce, the magic of The BASE.

Theo Epstein:

When we started our foundation, Paul already knew firsthand the Boston area nonprofits whose work with kids was proven and effective. It was a no-brainer to use the Red Sox’s cachet to raise money and redirect it to these nonprofits, one of which was The BASE.

We saw for ourselves the incredible work that goes on there, the lives that are changed. How the focus is every bit as much on academics and life skills as it is on baseball. The BASE’s motto is “success lives here,” and that’s not just anecdotal. They have the numbers to back this up. Seeing it at work, I reached a point where I could feel great about putting my stamp of approval on The BASE.

Fast forward to my coming to Chicago in 2011, when we decided to expand the foundation’s work to my new hometown. Through our participation in the Urban Classic Baseball tournament came the idea of bringing The BASE to Chicago. And in particular to the city’s west side, where Frank Brim does such a great job running the baseball program. Robert had been talking about this for a long time, and I’ve learned never to doubt him. Now we’re seeing that vision come to fruition. We’re proud to support it.

-Joe Kahn



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