Thank you for a memorable night!

Thank you for a memorable night!

THANK YOU to each and every person who stood with us at BASE Ball IV. Together we sent a strong and clear message to our young people that THEY MATTER.

The night provided a true example of how America should look and sound. Over 500 individuals – from the business, philanthropic, civic & nonprofit communities; young & old; black, white & brown; from five different states – came together to show our young people that we BELIEVE in URBAN TALENT.

Red Sox President & CEO Sam Kennedy gave humbling acceptance remarks upon receiving the True Believer Award on behalf of the Red Sox organization. As he announced the Red Sox’s commitment to The BASE over the next 4 years he reminded us that it’s about our young people.

President Michael Sorrell of Paul Quinn College gave us all a thundering call to action to challenge ourselves and each other to do better, to do right by our young people, to step up and take action towards creating URBAN TALENT AS A NEW NORM. He emphasized that “next must always be better than now. And the way you ensure that is by investing in the lives of our children.”

To view photos from the inspiring evening, please CLICK HERE.

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